Thursday, April 29, 2004

“Low Carb – No Prob” 

Low Carb - No Prob

“Low Carb – No Prob” is a new advertisement put out by Western Sizzlin Restaurant. They obviously want to jump on the low carb bandwagon and begin to cash in. The advertisement was a brochure size document that I picked up at the Sand Springs Oklahoma Western Sizzlin Restaurant. I was excited about being able to order my favorite food, steak, without having to get the bake potato and bread. When I approached the order station and held up the advertisement, I was met with a shrugging shoulder. I asked if anyone knew about the “Low Carb – No Prob” menu and was diverted to the manager. The manager informed me that that promotion would not start until next week and he had no information as of yet that he could offer.

The next week, I again was at the Western Sizzlin Restaurant in Sand Springs Oklahoma, excited to find out about the top secret new menu options, that were so secret the manager could not tell me about them the week before.

Again, I was met by the shrugging shoulder and the call to the manager. When I asked about the new Low Carb – “No Prob” menu, I was told that there was not one. When I asked if I could exchange the potato and bread for a small salad I was told flatly “no”.

This experience leaves me with so many questions:

· Does the secret “Low Carb – No Prob” menu really exist?

· Is the manager at the Sand Springs Oklahoma Western Sizzlin Restaurant a secret member of the “kill the cows and save the lettuce” society?

· When does next week get here?

· And lastly, how does a steak joint screw up the high protein low carb craze?

According to their website they offer options, all I received was shrugs.

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Monday, April 26, 2004

My New Atkins Favorite - Flat Iron Steaks! 

Recently I enjoyed the new steak special at our local Lonestar Steakhouse. The Flat Iron Steak is wonderfully tender and tasty and usually priiced fairly reasonably. Since these popular new steaks are catching on with steak lover's everywhere, I wanted to know a little more about them.

A bit of internet searching pointed at the following article that describes in depth what a flat iron steak is, how it got its name and even how you can save money by making your own! Flat Iron Steak - How it Got Its Name and Other Facts

If you don't relish being your own butcher, you can always get a great deal on Flat Iron Steaks from the folks at Omaha Steaks!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Here Comes Diageo Low Carb Wines 

Diageo to Begin Selling Wines as Low Carb story from Wine Spectator Online Daily Wine News.
Earlier this month, it was decided that alcoholic beverage producers would be allowed to list nutritional content on labels and in advertising. With the still growing popularity of the Atkins Diet, The Zone and The South Beach Diet, the American wine industry was sure to respond quickly.

Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines will soon begin producing bottle neckers and in-store displays with the calorie and carbohydrate information. For example, point-of-sale materials for the 2002 BV Coastal Estates Chardonnay will state that the wine contains 3 grams of carbohydrates, 124 calories, 0 grams of fat and less than 1 gram of protein per 5-ounce serving.
Diageo, which also owns beer and spirits brands, announced late last year that it would begin including more nutritional information on some of its products. Now it's also launching a print campaign advertising that several of its spirits brands -- Smirnoff vodka, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker and Tanqueray gin -- have zero carbohydrates.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Hypoglycemic Reaction from Z-Carb Bars 

I must sadly report that I’ve had insulin reactions to the new low carb “Z-Carb Bar” chocolate bars. This makes me question the net carb rating of these bars. Has anyone else had hypoglycemic reactions from these bars? Has anyone had the bars affect their weight loss?

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Fat Lie of Net Carbs 

The Omnivore says don't be fooled by 'the new math' in carb counting.

This whole 'net carbs' tom-foolery reminds me of the shady accounting practices used by some corporate entities. Clever accountants can shuffle the figures and manipulate profit and loss statements to no end, and frequently succeed in fooling investors and analysts into thinking that business is great, when in fact it really isn't too good at all.
In the end, however, reality is always the final arbiter. A company is either making money, or it isn't. If the latter is the case, a company won't be able to survive on cleverly-worded and misleading financial reports forever.

By the same token, low-carbers are either eating too many carbs, or not, a fact that is not changed by the wishful-thinking proponents of net carbs or the dodgy labelling practices of processed food manufacturers seeking to cash in on the popularity of low-carb diets.

This is but part of a very strong, yet informative rant on the new Enron Economics that seem to be pervading our culture today and the risks for low carb dieters.
The Fat Lie of Net Carbs

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20 Quiznos Subs with 10 Net Carbohydrates or Less 

This week Quiznos announced the launch of an extensive flatbread sandwich menu, bringing the Quiznos gourmet good taste to the low-carb dietary movement. All Quiznos sandwiches will
now be available on flatbread, providing Quiznos with an extrememly diverse low-carb sandwich menu. 20 offerings with 10 net carbohydrates or less! Carb counts for Quiznos subs can be found at the link below:
New Quiznos Flatbread Subs : Low Carb Information

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Wine Bottles May Soon List Carbs and Calories 

According to the Oklahoma Wine News blog - wine bottles may soon be listing the carbs and calories on their labels.

A new ruling by the Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau on Thursday made clear that liquor and wine companies can provide carb and calorie information on their labels and advertising, just as some beer companies now do.

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Friday, April 09, 2004

Type II Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and Alcoholism in Native Americans 

The Relationship Between Type II Diabetes and Alcoholism

Ann Dapice, Ph.D., Clark Inkanish, ICADC, Barbara Martin, B.S., and Elizama Montalvo, M.D.

Onyx Mooney, a Choctaw, was heard to say recently, "Practically everyone in my family is either diabetic or alcoholic. I'm 38 years old and I'm not alcoholic so I wonder when the diabetes will hit." He didn't realize at the time how true his statement was, nor the physiological relationship between the two diseases. His observations are accurately demonstrated in the statistics. American Indians have had the highest incidence of Type II Diabetes of any racial group resulting in related cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and high amputation rates. American Indians also have the highest incidence of alcoholism, nicotine addiction and suicide of any racial group. Physiologically, these are all interrelated.

Conquest by Europeans resulted in genocide, great poverty and oppression for all Indians across the Americas, but until recently, diabetes and alcoholism were mainly seen as problems among Indians north of the US-Mexican border. This was true even for tribes divided by the border. Why? How is the present incidence of alcoholism and diabetes among Indians the continuing result of earlier European and US policy towards Indians from the beginning?

There has been found a physiological relationship between alcoholism and Type II Diabetes. Both are related to problems in blood sugar regulation. An elevated insulin response to carbohydrates exists in both the pre-diabetic and the alcoholic. Most people are unaware that between 75% and 95% of alcoholics are hypoglycemic. (It should be noted that not all people who are hypoglycemic are or will become alcoholic or diabetic.) Dr. Joan Larson author of Seven Weeks to Sobriety has written that Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to adult-onset diabetes when associated with drinking. Although long considered a moral weakness and still treated as an emotional problem, alcoholism, like diabetes, is a physical disease. There are mental, emotional and spiritual components to all illnesses, but at base, alcoholism is a physical disease.

Alcoholism in Native Americans is partly related to an allergic response. American Indians are allergic to a number of the foods brought by Europeans and especially to grains (e.g., wheat, barley, oats, etc.) Food allergy symptoms include fatigue, mental confusion, depression, physical aggression and suicide attempts. After repeated exposure, intense cravings for the allergen and physical addiction resulting in withdrawal symptoms are the maladaptive responses. This allergy was demonstrated by the initial reaction of Indians to grain alcohols described in historical accounts. Alcoholism is lowest in countries where these grains originated thousands of years ago (e.g., Africa, Italy, Greece, etc.) and highest in countries that received these grains more recently (e.g., Russia and northern European countries.) Indians in the US are a prime example of people most recently exposed to these grains and therefore most acutely affected by allergic symptoms.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Modified Low Carbohydrate Diet Produces Dramatic Benefits In Kidney Patients 

One of the most frequently-repeated criticisms of low-carbohydrate, higher protein diets is that they will allegedly lead to kidney damage. Diabetics are one group who suffer a high incidence of kidney damage, yet ironically are the very folks who would have the most to gain from the remarkable ability of low carbohydrate diets to improve glycemic control and instigate weight loss.

Recently, Californian researchers hypothesized that a diet with unrestricted protein intake, but low in carbohydrates and iron might reduce free radical and glycative damage in compromised kidneys.
Read the whole article:
Modified Low Carbohydrate Diet Produces Dramatic Benefits In Kidney Patients

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Low Carb Creations Launches Bella Carb Frozen Italian Food Entrees 

With a product rollout that began in late February 2004, Bella Carb is the first line of frozen low carb Italian food entrees available for retail sale. Bella Carb products are available at major grocers, wholesale club outlets and health and natural food stores.

The Bella Carb line of frozen Italian food entrees includes the following:

· Pizza—Flavors include 1) Cheese and 2) Pepperoni. Bella Carb Pizza labels are categorized as Carb Counter for retail distribution (the lowest net carb count per serving), and Carb Conscious and Healthy Life for wholesale club outlet distribution.

Lasagna—Flavors include 1) Cheese and 2) Beef and Sausage
Potasta—Flavors include 1) Garlic and 2) Mushroom
Fettuccine—Flavors include 1) Alfredo and 2) Chicken Alfredo
Macaroni & Cheese

Pizza Marketing Quarterly - Low Carb Creations Launches Bella Carb Frozen Italian Food Entrees

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Weight Gain, Sleep Patterns and Diabetes Connection 

One of Oklahoma's finest blogs: Acorns from an Okie has posted an interesting article on how sleep patterns impact obesity.

The alterations of blood sugar metabolism are termed "impaired glucose tolerance," and this is one of the early stages on the way towards full-blown diabetes. Habitual sleep restriction could play a very important role in increasing risk for diabetes later in life, especially if maintained over many years and decades, much like a sedentary lifestyle or poor eating habits.

Acorns from an Okie - Tired of Gaining Weight?

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New Low Carb Options at Sonic Drive-in 

Oklahoma based Sonic Drive-In is now offering new options for health conscious consumers who long to have fun with their food and watch calories and carbs, too. Sonic's new Diet Cherry Limeade is made with a low-calorie cherry potion specially made for Sonic by The Coca-Cola Company. For health conscious consumers a large Diet Cherry Limeade offers the same refreshing taste as the original Cherry Limeade but with only 33 calories and six net carbs.

Sonic originally started as a hamburger and root beer stand in 1953 in Shawnee, Okla., called Top Hat Drive-In, and then changed its name to Sonic in 1959. The first drive-in to adopt the Sonic name is still serving customers in Stillwater, Okla. Sonic now has more than 2,700 drive-ins in 30 states, and is the nation's largest chain of drive-in restaurants with more than a million customers eating at Sonic every day. For more information about Sonic Corp. and its subsidiaries, visit Sonic on the Internet at www.sonicdrivein.com.

Sonic Unveils Low-Calorie Diet Cherry Limeade; New Chicken Club Wrap and Carb Friendly Tortilla Also Featured in April

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Friday, April 02, 2004

Almond Flour Low Carb Flour Substitute 

Almond flour is simply ground blanched almonds. Recipes dating back to medieval times call for it as a thickener, a replacement for wheat flour, and a base for cakes and puddings. It doesn't show up a lot these days as an ingredient, but is still essential to certain Viennese confections.

You can make almond flour in a blender or food processor. Probably you'll have to do this in small batches, to ensure uniformity. Almond Flour is available for purchase from TrueFoodsMarket.com and you can also find the nutirtional facts for Almond Flour there.

Almond Flour from TrueFoodsMarket.com

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Michigan Juice Firm Goes Low Carb 

Old Orchard Brands, a privately held Michigan juice maker, just started shipping its new Lo Carb juice. Competitors such as Veryfine Products, Minute Maid, Tropicana, Welch's and Ocean Spray also sell light or low-carb versions of their juices.

"You don't have to be a die-hard low-carb dieter to enjoy this," said Kevin Miller, Old Orchard spokesman. "You can just be someone concerned about sugar."

Michigan Juice Firm Goes Low Carb

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Natural Ovens Low Carb, High Omega-3 Bread 

Another Low Carb Bread Maker.

Natural Ovens of Manitowoc was founded in 1976 by Paul Stitt, because he saw a need for fresh, filling and satisfying, preservative-free whole grain food in the Midwest. Natural Ovens uses ground stabilized flaxseed in most of their products. Flaxseed is high in Omega-3, an essential fatty acid.

Natural Ovens breads are delivered to over 1,200 grocery stores in less than twenty-three hours after they start making them! To purchase Natural Ovens products call 1-800-772-0730 or visit www.naturalovens.com to order.

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Low Carb Wraps Now At Oklahoma Arby's 

I see Arby's has released their new low carb wraps at several Oklahoma locations. It looks like everyone is getting on te low carb wrap bandwagon, but these Atkins style wrap sandwichs always leaving me hungry again in a couple hours. How about you? Now the $10 Prime Rib Special at Rosie's...that's a low carb special!

Oklahoma Carb Counter News

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